The Intelligence Of Spirit

Every once in a while during my spiritual journey, something big happens that I will never forget.  These experiences are actually quite a few and far between, however, one of those very moments happened just last week, on 5thNovember, my 38thbirthday.

That night, I had a very vivid dream (to protect the identity of all those involved, I have changed the name below):

I was getting ready to meet someone and had dressed as if I was going for a job interview.  I remember feeling nervous and was in a very large building, like in the City.  I entered the foyer and approached the front desk, where a receptionist was waiting for me. 

“Who am I here to meet?” I asked. “Nathan Davies” she replied and quickly scribbled the name on a post-it note and held it up to me, I could clearly see the spelling of the name.  “Nathan Davies” I repeated and turned to see a young man, around twenty or twenty-one who had his brown dog with him.  I remember his eyes and fair wavy hair.


When I awoke, I kept repeating the name in my head “Nathan Davies”.  I have connected with a spirit via dreams in the past but never have I been given an accurate name before.  I knew it was significant.

I asked my colleague if she knew anyone by that name and she confirmed she didn’t.  I decided that perhaps it may be some message for me so I googled the name but came up with nothing really out of the ordinary.  I then decided to pop the name into a Facebook search.  Instantly I was drawn to a page called “Remembering Nathan Davies”.

When I clicked on the page and saw the photograph of the young man, exactly as I had in my dream, holding the dog on his lap, my mouth hit the floor.  It was him, Nathan.  I had a look at some of the posts on the page and I could work out that he must have died some years ago, however his mother was still badly grieving, she had only posted something on the page two days previously, detailing the agonising pain she was going through and still not being able to come to terms with her son’s loss.  It was then that I realised what I had to do, Nathan had come to me for a reason, he wanted to get a reading to his mum, I felt compelled to connect with him again and provide her with a reading.

I have to stress, I would never ever normally conduct a reading for someone without their permission.  This is ethically unacceptable.  However, the extraordinary circumstances of this event in the way that Nathan connected to me, was telling me this case was different.

I looked on the mum’s facebook profile and could see she lived in Australia so knew that this would not be an easy task but I prayed that my reading would be received with the kind wishes intended, the last thing I wanted was for her or the family to think I was some fake psychic trying to pray on a grieving family.

I took the plunge and sat down to start my reading and recorded it on an App via my mobile phone.

After I had finished, I just wasn’t sure if there was enough evidence there and wondered what the hell I should do.  But I told myself that I had to trust in this so I plucked up the courage and sent a message to Nathan’s mum via Facebook messenger.

After a day, I didn’t hear anything.  I then figured that this lady may be older and not very computer savvy so I decided to try and find a sibling, which I did,  on the remembrance page, a sister.  I messaged her and prayed she would receive it.

A day or so later, the sister messaged me back.  Initially, a little bit cautious (completely understandable) she decided to receive the reading and I sent it across to her.  I must admit, I felt sick at this point.  My main worry was that they would think I was a charlatan but all I wanted to do was get Nathan’s love across to this mum.  It turns out that I need not of worried because Nathan’s sister kindly gave me some feedback, which I will detail below (bringing out the key pieces of evidence):

  • I described Nathans personality in detail, how he was incredibly funny and the joker of the family (adapting his jokes to suit the family or friend member intended), but was also a gentle giant, would say what he felt in few words and sometimes sat back to observe things and take it all in.

Feedback: The description of his personality was correct


  • Nathan’s dog was significant and I stressed that when he got him, he wanted him to be his dog only and not a “family dog” as such.

Feedback: Nathan went to a bird breeding auction and ended up getting a dog before he asked the permission of his parents, he was 16 at the time.


  • I could see that someone had moved out of the family home just before Nathan died.

Feedback: Nathan’s sister moved out 2 months before he passed.


  • He clearly gave me the name Barry during the reading.

Feedback: Barry was Nathan’s tutor


  • He told me that he died by something very rare and that all the elements had to be aligned for that one thing to happen, the chances of which were remote

Feedback: Nathan’s sister confirmed that her brother died of something very rare


  • He was showing me a concert, or music venue, or the foyer of such as it held particular significance.

Feedback: This piece of evidence helped Nathan’s sister the most.  The week that he died, they were meant to be going to a concert which would have been on the night he passed.  They had decided earlier on in the week not to go.


  • Part way through the reading I started to cough and struggled to talk, I then was shown a company that is heavily invested where Nathan would have lived, however, whatever this company does it is causing pollution and there are health worries around this including coughing.

Feedback: The smoke causing the illness has affected both Nathans parents.

  • Nathan was showing me a book and he was handing it to his sister, he was making reference to the book like it was special and held significance for her only.

Feedback: Nathan paid for some of his sister’s university textbooks.


  • Nathan was showing me that he loved to walk in nature, especially lakes.

Feedback: The house that Nathan lived in with his family was 10 metres from the lake. 



As you can read, I was so blown away by the feedback but mostly by the intelligence and power of spirits that are living another life from this one.  It is clear to me that Nathan wants to help his mother and family, however, he can’t get the message across.  So he is using any medium that will listen, it just so happens that I connect very well in my dream state to a spirit, it also happens that I will always follow up a dream and a sign, which I did without fail and it lead me straight to Nathan’s family.

I don’t know if I will ever have anything happen like this again, but I hope that I do as in my opinion, it’s a fantastic way for a spirit to reach out to a loved one and another way for mediums to validate that life continues after we die.

Until next time,


The Psychic Underworld

I recently read an author describe anything to do with mediumship, paranormal, psychic studies & the occult as an “Underground Movement”, this is probably because when he started to have out of body experiences as he slept, in those days, the 1950’s, it was very much an underground group of people that he needed to speak to in order to research more about what was going on with him.  However, I have to say that sometimes it still feels a little like that now.

When I realised that a lot of the odd things that have happened to me are not generally happening to everyone else, I decided that I needed to find some like-minded individuals that I could spend time with to explore what the hell was going on.

So how do you penetrate this underground movement?  The first thing I thought of was to join a circle, but this is harder than you may think.  However, once you have a connection to mediums, psychics and spiritual healers, developing from there on in is so much easier because someone knows someone who knows someone that runs a course of whatever it is you are looking to study.  But getting in there is what can take the effort and finding the right teacher, is even harder.

The Circle

Home circles started in the 1800s, mainly for the development of one individual and for others to come and sit and listen to the medium practice and demonstrate the existence of life after death through the work of their spirit guides.  Typically, people would sit in a circle formation, hence the name.

Circles are still around these days, they can be open (where anyone can drop in and out each week) or closed (an agreed group of people that should attend on the same day and time each week).

Home circles are generally seen as the best setting, as it’s comfortable and the energy can build up quickly to allow people to feel at ease and a place of safety to develop their skills.  However, the downside is that you get to know people quickly and with a lack of new faces, it can make your mediumship complacent.

On occasion, if I happen to mention that I am part of a circle, I can get looked at strangely whilst the person I’m talking to is probably imagining me joining hands with a group of strangers and summoning up spirits from the dead or planning when we are going to run off to Stonehenge and knock back some Cool Aid.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s uplifting to be around others that have the same abilities as you and know what it is you are seeing, hearing and feeling.  I have had so many wonderful experiences in the circle, I have been astounded at the evidence I have received from others and been gobsmacked and at times, almost euphoric when I have managed to break through the barrier of mind versus spirit communication and given evidence that has shocked me to the core.

Spiritualist Churches

There are conflicting schools of thought as to where the spiritualist church originated from, so for the sake of argument lets go with Wiki and say the United States in the 1840s.  England also has a rich history of spiritualism dating back hundreds of years and some of the best and well-known mediums to date have come from our shores.

The churches are still around today and open to all that wish to go along to listen to the medium demonstrate evidence of the afterlife up on the platform.

I personally find the Sunday Service (Divine Service) a little too church-like / religious undertones, even though I must stress it is not affiliated with any religion other than the religion of spiritualism.  But whether spiritualism is a religion in itself is open for debate, in my opinion, I think there is a difference between “spirituality” and “spiritualism” per se.

Anyhow, going to a church to see a (good and well respected) medium is an experience in itself and one I would encourage anyone to do if they are interested in this subject.

Schools & Affiliated Bodies

There are a number of psychic schools worldwide and proudly one of the best is only twenty minutes from where I live, The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Essex (  This college offers residential courses and workshops of all of the topics you can think of when it comes to mediumship and your psychic development, they have some of the best teachers from all over the world.  The building itself, which was built in 1871 was gifted to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) by James Arthur Findlay and started as a college in 1945.  It’s worth taking a visit to its beautiful architecture and history alone.


If you are really serious about your spiritualist studies, you can take an exam, called the SNU Qualification which allows you to learn about the religion, philosophy and practice of spiritualism and will certify that you actually know what you are talking about!

Forums & Social Media Groups

Some Facebook groups have been such a good source of information for me, especially those on out of body experiences and near death experiences.  What I started to do was read lots of books around these subjects and then follow the authors on social media and I have made so many good connections from doing this.  When you see those other people, from all over the globe are having the same experience as you, putting it into their own words, but the same theme is presented over and over again, that’s a really good thing and is incredibly powerful when people like myself can be up against some very strong-minded individuals….which brings me onto my next point…..

Opinions, Views & Beliefs

Many of the most enlightening books I have read have been of true stories of medical doctors and scientists that have changed their belief system after having a personal experience with the afterlife.  This kind of stuff really excites me, especially as I have always had my feet firmly in both camps (for example I believe humans descended from monkeys and evolved over thousands of years, however, I also believe that when we die we have a rebirth in another state of consciousness).

I used to get really defensive about my belief system and dare I say it, even angry at the non-believer.   That doesn’t happen anymore.  I would be a bit radical if that was how I behaved with someone who didn’t think the way I did.

I have come to realise that life isn’t about what you believe, it’s about how good your heart is. It’s about what you do, not how you think.

I still tread carefully when I tell people about my abilities, especially whilst still learning, as there is always room for error.

I have an example from just yesterday of when, sometimes, it’s good to speak up about things that I see and hear.

I was massaging a lovely female client when I looked up and felt like someone was watching me (not someone alive!).  I sort of saw shadows and like something was trying to form, the reality was changing.  I decided to tune into whoever this spirit was and this is what I got (clairvoyantly):

It was a man, who told me that he was connected to my client’s husband, an old friend, that was part of the bird watching group.  He died unexpectedly, of a heart attack.  He kept drawing my attention to a large framed photograph of a landscape on the wall like it held particular significance and I should mention it.  He said the reason why he had come to visit is that he wanted to thank both my client and her husband for the trip they were about to take, some sort of memorial in his name and that he would be with them.

After I had finished the treatment, I asked my client if she would be happy to receive and validate something I just got from a spirit as I wanted to pass the message on.  To my relief, she was happy and interested to hear this.  After I had explained everything, she told me this:

One of her husband’s good, long-term friends had died of a heart attack a couple of years ago, on a plane back from Goa, India.  He was coming back from a bird watching trip, they travelled all over to enjoy their hobby.  My client and her husband are going on a memorial trip, to India in a few weeks’ time.  The framed photo on the wall is one that he took, so it has sentimental connections to the dear friend they lost.

If I hadn’t have spoken up, my lovely client would never have got her message and the spirit would have wasted so much of his own energy.

When it works and communication is received, understood and delivered correctly, it truly is an amazing thing (if only it worked that well all the time!).

Until next time,


Tarot – A Love Affair Rekindled

My relationship with the tarot started in my very early twenties after I went on a trip to Broadstairs with my boyfriend and had a knowing feeling that I would find an interesting spiritual shop on that day and come out with a deck of Ryder Waite Tarot cards (a traditional deck).

After my purchase, I was only equipped with the little guidebook and wondered how long it would take me to memorise the meaning not only of each suite type (cups, swords, wands & pentacles) but also the meaning of seventy-eight cards and don’t even get me started to explain the difference between major and minor arcana…..

However, as the Universe loves to play with me a little, the very next week at my London City job my colleague gave me a leaflet about a holistic school that was situated bang smack in the middle of Bishops Gate, near Liverpool Street.  She was eager to do a six week Feng Shui course, so I decided what the heck, I would do it too, anything to have an interesting lunch period away from Google and Cheese & Onion Walkers.

The place was actually called the Bishopsgate Institute and was this very old & intriguing building surrounding by the sharpness of the new financial companies right in the heart of London’s square mile.  From the moment I stepped into it, smelling the muskiness and just feeling the energies of so many bodies that had walked through, I knew I would like it there.


I really enjoyed that six week Feng Shui course (and learnt how to redirect my chi by buying a few goldfish) but most excitingly, saw on the notice board that they also did a six week “learn to do tarot” course, this was a bit of me!

So I did the course and met some like-minded people, bought the teachers book and decided that the only way I was going to understand this ancient form of deviation was to practice.

And practice I did.  I don’t quite know how it happened, but I went from reading my friends to suddenly being a known (be it a bit of an “underground” known) entity at my place of work for tarot readings.  At that time, I worked for a very large Underwriters and it was so corporate and very far removed from anything in the least bit spiritual.  However, I managed to (somehow, I have no idea how) convince people like the Tax Manager that he would just love a tarot reading, so, in our lunch break, he would get a free reading for thirty minutes and then he would give me thirty minutes back by explaining the best pension plan I should take moving forwards (not actually sure if that was a fair swap).

I also had suppliers coming in to meet with me to discuss the contract and pricing on the equipment we bought, however, once my manager left the meeting, the supplier would quickly and excitedly ask “have you got them?” and much to their delight I would pull out my tarot deck and give them a quick 3 card pull.

Fast forward seventeen years and I have bought a few more decks since, ones that resonate with me, but the readings had died down.  I’m not sure why, perhaps focus was on other things, but I thought perhaps that I just didn’t get “it”.  I also heard a medium once warn people about fake readers who just learn the card meanings and make out they were genuine psychics, this made me concerned that perhaps that was me?  I mean, I know I’m psychic, but was I just reading the meanings and not tuning in?  So this put me off a bit.  Until this year.

We decided to run a competition to give one of our clients a free tarot reading, I decided that it would be good practice for me.  The lady came into the treatment room, looking excited that she had won and also with a sense of anticipation.  I felt every ounce of that anticipation and then felt the pressure that followed.  Shuffling the cards, I prayed that I would give her a good reading.

So I spread out the cards in my familiar order and then started to tell her the meanings of the cards.  I could see from the basic meanings that she had recently experienced heartache that was so deep, real gut-wrenching stuff.  She nodded her head.  “Can you tell me why I’ve been crying?” she asked.  Bloody hell.  OK, here goes.  I picked up the first card I was drawn too and looked at the imagery.  I could see clouds, but then, slowly but surely, I saw a man’s face in the clouds appear.  “It’s about a man, you have split up with a man”?  I asked.  She nodded her head yes.  I looked at the card again and suddenly saw a man and woman, both holding on to a dog lead, pulling the dog in either direction.  “You are fighting over the dog?” I asked, “Yes!  He won’t let me have him!” she said, now starting to cry.  When I looked back at the card, I couldn’t see the dog anymore, all I could see was the cloud image.

As I handed her the box of tissues, a moment of clarity dawned on me.  All those years, all those years and I didn’t know that all I had to do is look at the card and see an image that tells me a story, which is actually me just tuning into my intuition.  I gave her such an accurate reading that even I was speechless at the end.

So now, my relationship with the tarot has been rekindled, because since that reading with my competition winner, I haven’t stopped and its been getting stronger and stronger.  I recently had the chance to have a long conversation with a very experienced and well respected medium and professional tarot reader who gave me some wonderful advice “trust the cards, not your judgement” and that I feel will probably be the best advice I have ever had when it comes to reading the tarot.

The difference between a good reader and a great reader is that the great reader can pick up a card, know the basic meaning, be drawn to the images on the card and then use their psychic intuition to tell the story of the sitter’s life.  It may just be a squiggly line to a passer-by, but actually, that squiggly line means a whole host of things that the reader tells the sitter and that the sitter absolutely understands.

I hope one day to be a great reader because when I read tarot for someone I feel like its what I was always meant to do, it’s a very exciting journey and I feel blessed every day to have these abilities, life really is magic!

Until next time,


My Dream Predictions

I have had many dream predictions over the years, in fact, it was the dreams that made me understand that I have psychic & mediumship abilities later on in life.

Most of them have been quite uneventful, like dreaming of a person I haven’t seen in ages and seeing them the next day, or some are helpful like dreaming that the window cleaner will be visiting (he doesn’t have a set schedule he just turns up) so that I can go and get some cash out to pay him – and he does turn up on that exact day.

I’ve had personal warnings as well, for example, I used to work for a big organisation in London City and there were a group of quite nasty women who enjoyed bullying people who also worked there.  Myself and my colleague were a target for these women and due to the nature of our jobs, we had to interact with them a lot and they made our lives terrible at work.

One night I dreamt that these women would literally corner me on a subject and try to catch me on the hop so to speak as my colleague was away from the office and I would be on my own.  My dream was telling me that I must be prepared.

So I got in that morning and got all the paperwork together on what I thought they would come to see me about and low and behold, the “leader” of the gang approached my desk and summoned me to a meeting.  In hindsight, I should never have gone but I did and I was prepared and they tried to intimidate me however because I knew it was coming I was ready and it made it pointless on their part.

This is small stuff really, as I’ve also had dream predictions on bigger stuff, namely terrorist attacks.  I dreamt of 9/11 (my first dream prediction) and I’ve had loads since the most vivid being the Paris attacks a few years back.

However, the most shocking for me was a dream I had in June 2017.  I had the dream on a  Friday night.  In the dream, I was running from a terrorist who followed me up onto a bridge, where I could see people jumping off into the water.

Here is the problem: sometimes I dream things and they come true.  Other times I have fear based symbolic dreams and they come out because I have an inner fear of being caught up in a terror attack.  So, I don’t know if something is real or not until it happens.

When I woke up on a Saturday morning, I had a feeling of dread that I just could not shake.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  I have had anxiety in the past however this was different.  It was deeper.  I KNEW something bad was going to happen that day. I thought about my dream but I got confused and wasn’t sure that because I felt it so strongly that in fact was it my husband and daughter who were at risk?  I was due to go into work in my therapy room as I had a list full of clients that day.  My husband and little girl were going to spend the day together.  I can’t remember where they were going but I remember pleading with him not to go and I even said I was going to cancel my days work planned.

My husband told me to stop being so silly and just go to work.  So I did and I was on edge the whole day.  I kept looking at my phone.  I kept thinking about it and then it came to me, that dream last night, I just knew, there would be a terrorist attack, I just knew it!

I had just finished a massage on a regular client and before he left he asked me if I was ok.  I said to him “I know this is weird, but I have an awful feeling that there will be a terrorist attack today”.  He looked at me like I was bonkers and paid and left!

But that evening, there was an attack in London Borough Market and on the London Bridge.  The feeling of dread only lifted when I turned on the news to see what had happened.  My husband did acknowledge that I had been restless and worried all day and I came to the conclusion that the reason I had it so strong is because where the attack happened and the pubs that they stormed into are the places and exact pub he drinks in regularly in London.

I sent a message to my client’s wife as I felt compelled too, the fact I had told someone my prediction surely made it more viable?  “Yes he motioned it to me, but he said, must just be a coincidence……………………….”.  Story of my life, eh?

Until next time,


My Spirit Guide Blue

Several years ago I visited a very well-known psychic medium in Harlow.  She gave me a  good reading when she connected to both my grandparents in spirit.  Then she moved on to say things about me and said: “oh, I have your spirit guide here and he is saying you already met him”.

I sat feeling puzzled, what was she talking about?   “Have I?” I asked.  She shook her head “yes, he said he visited you a couple of times in a dream, it’s the easiest way for you to connect with him”.

Suddenly my blood ran a bit cold when I realised I knew exactly who she was talking about.  I had had two very distinctive dreams, where I had met a man.  The weird thing is, in the dream, I was out somewhere and had to nip to the ladies toilet.  I came out of the cubical and was washing my hands, only to realise that there was a man standing in the toilets watching me.  I know, this sounds creepy and like a nightmare but it was far from it.  I didn’t feel scared at all.  I felt like I knew this familiar presence.  Let me describe him:

He was Asian looking (Tibetan) with a long blue monks outfit on.  He had hardly any hair and had the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen.  He said hello to me and then he left.

A few weeks later he popped up again when I was in the toilet in my dream (the significance of the toilet may become clear below!) and he was wearing the same clothes and again I noticed those beautiful blue eyes.

After talking to the medium and understanding that he is, in fact, my spirit guide, I decided to call him Blue.

Here is something else that is interesting about this story: when I was nine months old, I nearly died.  I had Kidney Reflux Disease, which meant that instead of urinating out all the toxins that my kidneys had removed during the day, they were being flushed back up into my urinary system and poisoning me from the inside.  My parents knew that there was something very wrong with me but the doctors just kept saying I had a virus.

After another bout of being very sick, my mum recalls one of the worst nights of her life, when she was trying to feed me in my high chair but then I just fell face down into my food, lifeless.

My parents rushed me to the hospital and were told by A&E to go straight upstairs to paediatrics.  They jumped in the lift and there was a young doctor in there, he asked them what floor they wanted.  He also took a good look at me and said “what has been happening to your daughter?” so they told him then he said without a word of hesitation “she has Kidney Reflux and she must be seen immediately”.

After that conversation, the doctors knew what to do and after some time in hospital and antibiotics for seven years (years!) – I was fine.  However, my parents were told that had the diagnosis not have been made that night the likelihood of me losing a kidney was a certainty but even worse, I probably would have died.

So what has this got to do with Blue?  Well, my mum says that the one thing she remembered about that doctor, was his piercing blue eyes, she said she had never seen eyes like them and that she knows that he saved my life.  Perhaps this was why Blue always visits me in the toilet??

I work with Blue a lot now during my Reiki practice and also I communicate with him very much during meditation. I ask him questions and he gives me the answers (only if it helps me with my development).  He has a funny sense of humour and I even believe it makes him laugh at the fact that I am so impatient with my mediumship development.  For example, I once just demanded to know when I would “get better” at being a medium and I waited for the answer then I heard “Constant Craving” playing by KD Lang in my mind!  In other words “stop going on and take a chill pill love…….it will happen in time”.

I know Blue will be with me for this life until we meet in the next.   All I have to do here is ask for him and then I get a feeling of someone touching my head, always on the left side.  It’s very comforting to know that I, like every other human being, has a guide right beside them.

Until next time,


The Ego

The ego.  It’s a human thing that has a mortality rate, i.e. when you die, it dies with you (here’s hoping!).  Over recent years I’ve been learning a lot about the ego and I’ve been able to spot it a lot better, in others and in myself too.  It’s human nature and would take a Buddhist Monk years to master the art of removing it completely.  It’s the whole point of being human, as once we start to reflect inward we recognise when its talking and realising that it does not serve us or anyone else for that matter.

And you have to be so careful when you are judging someone else’s ego because are you not being egotistical yourself by doing exactly that?

How do we know if we are acting in ego?  How do we know when we are putting “self” before others?  Sometimes you need to put yourself first, that can be incredibly important.  But at what point do you start to recognise that you are actually acting out of your own ego to serve you and you only? Because that’s the problem right there.  Some people are so unaware of their own actions and treatment of others because they are so wrapped up in their own little bubble world that they either refuse to acknowledge their behaviour towards others or they don’t even know they are doing it.  The saddest thing about this is that most of the people with the worst egos I have ever seen are those that I’ve met on my spiritual travels.

I can say this from the heart: I have only ever wanted to help others with their healing journey.  I have been told throughout my life that I am too nice, oversensitive, emotional…..all of it, and I’ve had to deal with people, with bullies, with jealousy, with friends that have stopped talking to me because something good happened, apparently allowing people to “mug me off” because I’ve trusted them.  But I don’t care about that because at the end of the day I will not change who or what I am because of someone else’s emotional baggage that they refuse to deal with (I am not immune from this either – this isn’t a “I am perfect” post).  But what I want to say is this about ego and especially people who are working and preaching in a spiritual capacity:

If you talk your talk but don’t walk your walk then this will become apparent, it might not happen overnight, but it will become apparent.  True authenticity shines through your soul like a laser beam.  Your vulnerable followers will not see this at first.  As they cling to your ego to help them on their journey as they feel this is what they need.  However, the more awakened individuals will see your ego in all its materialistic glory.

So what is ego?

It only wants to serve itself and it doesn’t care about anyone or anything else.  It’s also in competition with others, it doesn’t want to include, it doesn’t want to see another light shine.  It has to be the brightest light without having the higher knowledge that if you let all lights shine together, the energy and power is so much greater.  It looks outward constantly and because it says words without meaning, it even believes its own lies.  “It’s ok, I’m spiritual, so that makes me a good person”.  It believes its own lies.

Ego is addictive & magnetic.  One ego sees another ego and so on, then that ego energy can grow and grow.  It’s like gang culture at school, the girls or boys that stick together to torment and bully other human souls, so they can feed their addiction.

But we must always end on a positive and here it is: when you recognise that someone is very ego driven, you must try not to feel anger or resentment toward them (that’s not good energy to hold on too!).  I honestly believe that most of us are so unaware during this life, that we don’t’ even know when it’s happening.  We must all take the time to reflect inward, to ask ourselves if we should have acted that way, said that, done that or even felt that way.  That’s all we can do.  Feel sorry for those that don’t have that little internal dialogue.  Because they are the ones that will take longer to learn their lesson and life in its karmic beauty will always deliver a helping of reflection and that reflection will either be within themselves or through someone else.   Whether it happens in this life or the next when we leave this physical body, we are only left with soul and we see it all, worts and all.

Until next time,


Dreaming My Past Lives

y lucid dreaming has taken an interesting turn.  It appears that I can not only cross “over to the other side” and meet and greet my relatives that have been dead for a while, I now appear to be able to access different time eras!  It has happened on three separate occasions, so here is the low down:


Dream One: A Bumpy Ride

I always know when I am entering into a lucid dream because the reality suddenly changes and I am then completely aware that I am in a dream state but also feel more “conscious’ than “dream-like” during it.  Lucid dreams can also lead to astral projection, where you can leave your body and then become “fully conscious” and go and explore different astral levels outside of our current existence.  I know this sounds sci-fi, but people do it and write about it (you should check out my blog post “Interview With An Astral Explorer” if this floats your boat).  I have never got to the astral projection bit.  I get to the first bit, where, in sleep, suddenly I am aware of being in a sleep state (lucidity) and then I start to feel a whoosh of electricity as my energetic body starts to remove itself from my physical body lying in my bed.  I don’t get any further because being the massive wimp that I am I get too scared, but I’m hoping one day I will conquer this fear!

Anyway, I had the rush of electricity before entering into this first dream, where I strongly feel that I went back in time.  In the distance, I could hear “glop, glop, glop” the rhythmic sound of horse hooves cantering on the ground.  Then I heard it in my ears because I was in a horse and carriage.  I wasn’t just dreaming this, I was IN the horse and carriage.  My hands were tied behind my back, I was laying on the bottom of the carriage and every time we went over a bump, I hit my head on the wooden floor of the carriage and it made me feel so sick.  I was very aware that I was in two places, that my normal self in my 2018 time zone was safely tucked up in bed, but I had somehow managed to split myself here whilst dreaming and this was indeed another life that I had already lived, quite a few years ago.  I felt two male energies directing the carriage.  It was such a rocky ride, I was moving about all over the place and I could feel every bump and knock on that path.  The banging of my head was so intense that it threw my energy straight back to now and I woke up in bed, with the glopping sound getting further away from me and I was dizzy.  I sat up in bed and was nearly sick, i felt like I had motion sickness.  It took me a while to steady myself and lie down and go back to sleep.


Dream Two: Eastern Europe

Another night, another dream, that quickly turned into a lucid one.  When I become aware that I’m entering into a lucid encounter I get so excited, I look down at my hands and then start to see the lines on my palms, I feel and move my hands and they do everything I ask them too, I can feel touch and sensations, I can think about a question and ask it, I’m also acutely aware that to hold this level of concentration takes enormous energy and I must act fast to get as much information as I can obtain.  One thing is always certain – I always remember everything I have dreamt because it is so very real.

So in this dream, I’m in another mode of transportation but this time a public bus or coach.  I manage to open the window and look out at my horizon. The view is of old buildings, derelict and lonely grey buildings, a place that once was industrious and now is redundant.  I know I am in Eastern Europe and I feel this is Russia during economic decline.  I stick my head out and I see an old lady crossing the road in a brown coat with her shopping bags.  She makes eye contact with me and I try to communicate with her.  She can’t hear me, I’m yelling that this is a dream, she is in my dream and she still can’t hear me because we are driving away, I wonder what the hell I must look like to her……then I wake up.

Dream Three: The Same Church, Different Times

 This dream only happened a couple of weeks ago and I admit that I took a dose of Night Nurse then drank a Bombay Spice Cocktail before bed (I had a virus and was in London, with a hotel stay, I was not missing out on this!).

So I went to sleep quite quickly and then, started to fall into lucidity in my dream.  I was aware that I was in the countryside and I was looking at a church but it also had a castle feel about it.  I looked around and then I saw the era, it was medieval because a battle had just finished, there were soldiers walking around with their swords and shields, there were flags and tents and all the stuff you see on Game Of Thrones but real!  I thought it was awesome and was so excited that I can time travel (remember this isn’t a normal dream, I am aware of everything!) then I feel a familiar presence behind me and it’s my guide Blue who takes my hand and pulls me away, I zoom out of it and feel the electrical whooshing sound and think that’s it when he pulls me back again, to the same spot.  So I look around for the soldiers but all I see is different people, dressed differently.  The church/castle is the same but the people are wearing clothes that look Victorian, the women with long dresses carrying baskets and there are chickens running around, I’ve moved to a different time.  Before I could think about what this all meant, I was straight back to my own reality, there in April 2018, I’ve woken up.

So what does it all mean?  It’s certainly made me think that perhaps we do have lots of different lives after all (I have been regressed before and had quite a few stories to tell!) I also think that it was my guide Blue telling me that time that exists outside of our physical existence doesn’t actually exist at all, that would explain why spirits can give us heads up about future stuff, it would explain why I dream about terrorist attacks or natural disasters before they happen.  But the fact that you could possibly go back in time when you sleep?  That’s amazing – and mind-blowing!

Until next time,


A Much Needed Sign



A couple of weeks ago, an old family friend popped into my head.  Nothing triggered the thought, she just came into my mind’s eye.  This lady is a good friend of my parents and she’s had a very tough time lately, being quite poorly for some weeks as well as losing two of her beloved dogs in a short space of time.  Not only this, she has had a tough life in my opinion, especially over the last few years, she lost her daughter in tragic and very sad circumstances, something she has not even started getting over yet (or should we say, moving on from).  This lady is one of the most selfless people I have ever met.  Her love for animals is actually quite unique in that she rescues, revives and heals dogs that other, evil souls have neglected, tortured & abused.  She is a lightworker in her own right (more info on light-workers on another blog post) who often ends up neglecting herself to give to others.

When I thought about her, I just knew she needed Reiki, so I called mum and told her that I felt like she needed Reiki and would she like a treatment?  Mum called her friend and she was so pleased, grateful and happy about my offer, so we made the date and that date was today.

For the sake of keeping her identity anonymous, I’m going to call our friend Kate.  When I saw Kate, I was a little shocked at her appearance.  She looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders, she looked tired, sad and like a grey cloud was over her head.  She gave me a huge hug when she saw me and also sobbed into my shoulder.  I felt her sadness and wanted to cry too.

We had a chat for about half an hour about things, about losing her beautiful dogs and about how those feelings reminded her painfully of losing her daughter.  I could clearly see that she is not in a good place mentally.  She has been so unwell too, not surprisingly has mental and emotional turmoil does tend to manifest itself out in a physical way.  I told Kate about Reiki, what it does and how it can help her.

She laid down on the comfy chair and I covered her with a blanket.  The calming music was playing and she drifted off into a sleep state as I placed my hands on her.  She was physically exhausted.

I picked up a lot during her treatment, where blockages were and shifts in energy.  I also felt a spirit standing next to me, a very strong mother and daughter bond.  Suddenly I was shown a heart, something sweet to eat and a heart.  I wonder if this is a sign from her daughter? I thought I must tell Kate at the end.

When the treatment had finished, it was hard to rouse Kate.  Finally, she woke up and she said she felt like she was under a trance the whole time.  She laid there in a state of complete peace like a massive weight had lifted off her shoulders.  “What have you done?  I feel amazing, I feel different, I can’t explain it” she said.  “I didn’t do anything, the Reiki goes where it needs too, it heals you, it’s not me, you heal yourself if that makes sense.”  When Kate stood up, she appeared 5 years younger, her face was glowing, me, mum and dad stood there in astonishment, one woman had walked into their house, another was about to walk out.

I remembered the sweets/heart from the treatment.  “Look out for a sign, I have a feeling it’s from your daughter.  It will be heart-shaped, and sweet, sweet to eat!  Maybe in a couple of days or weeks, it will come to you and you will think of this”.  I said.  Kate looked really hopeful then told me that she always associated hearts with her late daughter as she loved them.  I would never have known this.  Kate gave me a big smile and said she would look out for her sign.  She also said that she was going to visit her other daughters that same afternoon because she wanted them to see the state she was in, the happy, contented and calm state, a complete contrast to how she had been feeling before her treatment.

After I had been home for about an hour, my mum called me on my mobile.  “You won’t believe this!” said my mum down the phone. “Go on…” I said, smiling to myself.  “After Kate had her treatment, she went to see her other daughters, like she told us she would.  They were happy to see her and said they were pleased she popped by because they had a surprise, a little gift for her and handed her a box.  She opened the box and inside was a heart shaped cupcake, with another heart iced on the top.  She couldn’t believe it, that was her sign!”.

I was so pleased, but not at all surprised.  Sometimes a much-needed sign is all you need.

Until next time,


The Magic Is In You

brown envelope

Nine months ago, I asked the Universe if I could Reiki someone famous.  This wasn’t a call to inflate my ego.  It was a test.  I wanted to see if the law of attraction would work on that level: put a request out, imagine it, feel it, then let it go and allow the Universe to provide.  Do not focus on the lack if it didn’t happen straight away…….just wait.

So I did, I waited and at the beginning of this year, I did a Reiki treatment on someone famous.  Ok, let’s put this into perspective, I’m not talking a Hollywood movie star, but this lovely person is famous in the mainstream UK with the younger generation.  To add, she is a wonderful soul who really did enjoy her treatment.  So not only did she feel the benefits of Reiki, but I also had another validating experience: that law of attraction works.

Here’s another: one Christmas I was worried about money.  I had given up my job previously to be a stay at home mum and things were a lot tighter than they used to be.  I thought about all the things that would add up, presents, Christmas excursions, dinner, drinks, treats…..I started to worry.  Then I decided to use my old friend, the law of attraction.  How much do I need, I asked myself?  Let’s round it up to a nice £1000.  Greedy you may ask?  Why?  The money is there… just have to ask & receive, without anything more.  I did that and again did not focus on the lack of not having, I let it be and waited.

About three weeks before Christmas a brown envelope appeared on my doormat.  I’m sure you are all familiar with the dreaded brown envelope, so with my heart in my mouth, I opened it awaiting my fate of an outstanding bill from this well-known and hated Government organisation (not naming any names here!).

To my astonishment, there was no bill outstanding.  There was a cheque.  A cheque for £960.  A rebate for me, because apparently, I had overpaid and it was owed to me.  I was puzzled.  Everything to the contrary suggested that this was not the case.  I went over some paperwork, no indication what so ever.  My excitement faded as I realised they had made a mistake.  So, me, being me, couldn’t leave this, I decided to call the big organisation and ask them to look into this as I didn’t want something taken away from me if it was incorrect.

I called them and as expected (because that’s how LOA works) I had a nightmare getting through, waiting, etc and just feeling frustrated.

Finally, I reached a man and asked him to look into this for me.  From the off he was rude to me, clearly having a bad day.  I told him about the cheque and suddenly he became very defensive, asking me what I was talking about.  So, I told him again and he said he didn’t understand.  Maybe I wasn’t making myself clear?  I even got my husband to get on the line and speak to this man, as there was a lot of confusion.  During this time, this gentleman was speaking to us in, quite frankly, a very rude and obnoxious manner.   He obviously didn’t get the memo about how the customer should always be right.

After what felt like an age, the call ended, but it did not end well.  The man shouted at me (yes shouted!) “a cheque DID NOT LEAVE THIS OFFICE!!” and then proceeded to hang up on me.  Yes, a government civil servant slammed the phone down on me.  I was in shock.  More so because it had taken me the best part of twenty-five minutes to speak to this human being, let alone being spoken to by such a tone and then having the phone put down on me like we were a couple of teenagers having a lover’s tiff!

I was fuming, FUMING! I called back, waited another twenty-five minutes to get through to another human being (you can imagine the anger level at this point) and then finally got to speak to someone else.  This time I wanted the manager/team leader of this guy.

A well-spoken lady came on the line.  I told her all about it and she apologised profusely and told me a formal complaint would be made, the call would be listened to by her as its all recorded and she would also look into my problem and confusion about the cheque.

About a week later, I received a letter.  The letter said that everything was correct and as it should be, the rebate was rightfully mine.  They also apologised again for the way I was treated by their employee.  To show that they were sorry, they enclosed another cheque, as a way of compensation: £40.  It took a moment to sink in…….£960 plus £40 = £1000!!

As I danced around the kitchen, I wasn’t sure what I was most excited and happy about.  Was it the fact that I had gotten the exact amount I asked for, under such interesting circumstances?  How about the confusion of the first, horrible customer services guy who in his frustration and the fact that he was probably having a bad day, couldn’t see where this rebate had come from and because of this awful treatment actually rounded up my money to a square £1000 with the compensation charge?

The art of this is to not worry about the how’s or whys.  The art is to allow the Universe to deliver to you in the way and means in which it feels fit.  It’s five things:


Be Grateful




Go on, try it!!!

Until next time,


Astral Explorer!

Cyrus Book

In the summer of 2016, I downloaded a book written by Cyrus Kirkpatrick called Understanding Life After Death.  To say that I couldn’t put the book down is an understatement, in fact, I believe I read it in a couple of days (which is good going for me!).  As well as having a life-long exploration of afterlife topics, Cyrus has experienced out of body experiences (OBE’s) and has been able to visit different planes that exist in the afterlife/spirit world.  This being the basis of his book, as you can imagine, it was a truly fascinating read and so very informative for someone who enjoys researching on these topics.

As well as writing extensively on this subject, Cyrus is an explorer who has enjoyed visiting many countries as well as producing a documentary in North Korea.  If you would like to find out more, here is a link to Cyrus’ website:

Cyrus has kindly taken the time to answer ten questions about the subject of OBE’s.  You can download a copy of Understanding Life After Death from Amazon at this link.

  • Please explain what an OBE is?

An out of body experience is the perception of leaving your body and appearing in a duplicate of your own body. This may occur before or immediately after falling asleep, upon meditation or other factors. This can include moving up and out of your body and appearing (sometimes floating) in your bedroom.

Astral projection is a state of being in this out of body condition within a parallel dimension. This may include a great number of styles and environments. A distinctive quality is the perception of real (not dream-like) people.

  • Is an OBE the same as astral projection?  What are the differences, if any?

The difference is that astral projection may not be preceded by the OBE phenomenon which occurs separately. Astral projection may happen during normal sleep and dreams, whereupon a lucid dream becomes an “astral” experience. However, the phenomenon of being in such a dimension may also begin with consciously leaving the body first. It all depends.

To understand this more completely, consider the concept that we are living parallel lives in another dimension, simultaneously to our own lives on Earth. Our brains pick up this life as a “signal” similar to a radio. When we sleep, we are in a subjective state created by the subconscious, and this is a particular station on the radio. However, as we sleep, we may experience a scrambled signal of real experiences coming from this other realm. This is why some dreams have a mixture of “junk” from our own minds and unexplainable situations in unfamiliar environments with unfamiliar people.

Astral projection is literally just the state of the radio being focused temporarily with complete clarity. Suddenly, the mind and body of your dual-life in another plane are linked with the mind of your Earth body. This is accomplished through focused intention during a lucid dream state – to remove the dream “interference” and see what’s really occurring on another realm.

Understand that your astral life contains distinct memories (an entire life) that is separate from your Earth life. When you astral project, it’s almost like you are “possessing” your other body, hijacking it with your Earth-thoughts and memories. To the outsider’s perspective, perhaps it’s like you’ve briefly gone kooky or are suddenly suffering amnesia. From your perspective, you’ve landed in an unknown environment, with unknown people. Although, sometimes your astral memories carry over slightly but dissipate once you “wake up, e.g.: you may have a great familiarity with where you are and how you got there – but find it hard to remember the details when it ends.

  • What was your first OBE experience like, was it by accident or something you had trained yourself to do?

Original OBEs included sensations of electrical tingling in my body as I lay on my bed. This led to the sensation of moving up out of my body and observing my “duplicate” limbs rising up out of my “physical” arms. These happened for a while until I had my first “astral projection” trip where I felt myself being taken from the OOB state into a new environment – and discovering myself in a kind of temple in nature. More about that first experience I recount in my book.

These experiences were all the result of practice and a sudden onset of increased occurrences around 2014. I never had a true OBE prior to early 2014.

  • Do you believe anyone can have an OBE if they practice?

Yes, everyone is equipped with the mental abilities to shift consciousness between planes, but for some people, it’s harder. If a person is unable to dream, for instance, this is a sign it may be a much longer, harder process. I’d even hypothesize such a person may not be connected so well to an astral parallel life. I notice those people with a tendency to lucid dream are more likely to gain the clarity needed to consciously leave the body or become aware of an astral environment.

  • What are your top tips on how to achieve an OBE?

First, achieve lucid dream states. This can be done by habituating a phrase like “Am I dreaming?” until you, by habit, ask this out loud during a dream. This can kick your consciousness back into full-gear, putting you in control of a dream. Repeat this phrase 10-12 times a day until you begin repeating it during a dream state.

It’s then possible, while your body is asleep and paralyzed, to move your astral limbs out of the physical body, or look around the bedroom with your parallel eyes open (and physical eyes closed). You may also experience tingling or electrical sensations – and these must be fought past as it can be intimidating (it’s an energetic shift occurring as sensation and awareness shifts to your second body).

It’s also possible to gain awareness during dreams, creating lucid dreams. From that point, the “radio interference” will clear and you’ll discover you’re in a real parallel world. This is also an OBE / astral projection, just achieved in a different way.

  • Are you also a psychic medium?

I’m not. But I’ve been told I have a built-in clairaudient mediumistic ability that is extremely powerful, yet hasn’t been unearthed – interesting.

  • Why do you believe that spirit allow some people to have these experiences?  What should we learn from them?

Do they allow us or do we just practice natural law? I think spirit people can facilitate their experiences. My best experiences were facilitated by other beings when I am gently tugged out of my body. They’re excited when an Earth person makes that connection happen . . . because it’s rare.

  • Are there lots of different levels of afterlife?  How many have you visited?

Wise folk say there are innumerable levels and conditions in the universe. For me personally, the majority of experiences occur in an astral realm I call the Second Earth. This is where many people who cross over end up. It’s essentially the same planet we’re on right now, but existing on the astral spectrum. It has all the same geographic territories, but is also very different, with its own unique version of cities and places – populated by an entirely alternate civilization. If you’re wondering where you will end up when you die, I would put my money on the Second Earth. But there are countless other possibilities depending on the soul.

  • Have you ever met up with someone that is also experiencing an OBE at the same time?

No, but I’ve seen people dreaming in their bedrooms, out of their bodies and hallucinating. They couldn’t become aware of me.

  • Do you have any evidence that proves that you were having an OBE and saw something that you would have no way of knowing whilst you were sleeping?

Yes, just corroborations. I spied on my roommate before meditating cross-legged in his bathrobe one morning (a practice I did not know he did until I questioned him that morning). I also encountered a young man in an astral state once whom I questioned. I learned about his life on Earth and he gave me his full name. I looked him up on Facebook and immediately found his memorial page.


Until next time,