Choose Your Reading

You can choose if you would like a twenty-minute or forty-minute reading with me.

Both readings allow me to get to the heart of the matter, however the longer reading will allow us to dig a little deeper in terms of insight & guidance.

You can ask about love and relationships, money, career and life position. You don’t even need a question, the Tarot is working with your energy & the cards pulled will reflect this beautifully.

My objective as a Professional Tarot Reader is to give you positive guidance & insight to your current life situation. Some cards & situations are negative in nature, I will always be honest & deliver insight in a way that is constructive with positive guidance to help seek the best possible outcome to the situation.

Remember, your life is in your hands & you have free will. The cards are there as a guidance tool, not as a fortune teller.

My aim is that you come away from my readings feeling uplifted, positive & fully armed with spiritual guidance moving forwards.