Client Reviews

Here are some recent reviews I have received after receiving a Tarot Reading from me:
“I can highly recommend Tanya’s tarot readings. I had a very good insightful reading from her and it is clear she knows how to get to the heart of the matter, she picked up on all that has been on my mind and all my worries and through her cards she was able to give me some wonderful advice. She was spot on, very professional and very reachable. No silly frills, instead of a very constructive reading that answered what I needed. Thank you, Tanya, for a wonderful reading.” Gaynor Carrillo 23rd January 2019
“I am very opened minded about Tarot readings, but Omg! within a week things started to unfold what Tanya had seen in the cards, things I didn’t dream were going to happen.
Tanya gave me hope and to take things slowly as things are going in the right direction.  I’m so so pleased I contacted Tanya for my reading, highly recommended” Tracey A Parfitt 23rd January 2019
“I like the concept of the reading. A remote reading allows you to delve into the cards and follow the path.  I liked it when you said ooo the devil.. what does he want! Made me chuckle.  I could tell you were really into it. I loved the reading and would certainly have another.  Thank you Tanya!” Louise Chuard, February 2019